Nýir eigendur Husse á Íslandi

Nýir eigendur Husse á Íslandi

Nýir eigendur Husse á Íslandi - María og Gunnar.

Við hjónin kynntumst Husse árið 2014 og byrjuðum þá að gefa hundunum okkar og köttum þetta frábæra fóður. Þegar okkar söluaðili hætti árið 2017 ákváðum við að taka við sölumennskunni á Norðurlandi og eigum stóran hóp frábærra viðskiptavina.

í ágúst fórum við svo alla leið og erum núna eigendur Husse á Íslandi ????

Sjá kynningu hér fyrir neðan sem birtist í fréttabréfi Husse á heimsvísu:

New master franchisees for Husse Iceland!

We're excited to share news from the land of fire and ice: Gunnar and María are now our master franchisees for Iceland! While this may be a new role for them, they have been a part of the Husse family for quite some time.

Introducing Gunnar and María: Husse's New Master Licensees in Iceland

Our new master franchisees for Iceland, Gunnar and María, have been integral members of the Husse family for years. Their journey began in 2014 when they were introduced to Husse's premium dog food and became Husse customers. Later they stepped up as local franchisees in 2017, ensuring that their community continued to have access to Husse's top-notch products.

Over the years, they've showcased not only their dedication to the brand but also their keen understanding of the Icelandic market. This blend of passion and knowledge made them the ideal choice to carry the Husse torch forward into 2023 as master franchisees.

What This Means for Husse Iceland

With Gunnar and María as master franchisees, we anticipate a refreshed energy and perspective. Their hands-on experience, stemming from managing a sled dog company, attending dog shows, and more, ensures they understand the vital role nutrition plays for pets. Also, María's involvement with the Red Cross service dogs and Gunnar's annual dog sledding competition shows their deep connection to the Icelandic canine community.

A Word from Gunnar and María

"We're beyond excited for this new role and the challenges it presents. Husse's products have been a game-changer for us personally, and we can't wait to expand its reach in Iceland."

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